Blue Berries

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Asukoht K2.2 C6
Transport Tulen ise järele
Rating 5 - So and so
Height High (>180cm)
Fruit shape Cherry
Fruit size Cherry (30gr)
Ripening time Mid Season, 75 days from transplanting
Look Red, Black
Beautiful and durable cherry tomato. With very good taste.
,   Qty: 14 ,   Height: High (>180cm) ,   Ripening time: Mid Season, 75 days from transplanting ,   Look: Yellow ,   Fruit size: Cherry (30gr) ,   Growth type: Indeterminant ,   Asukoht : K1.2 F3 ,   Rating: 5 - So and so ,   Transport: Tulen ise järele, Kuller koju
4,80 €

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