Aztek 12L Bio

15,60 €
Ripening time Very early, 45 days from transplanting
Fruit size Cherry (30gr)
Look Yellow
Height Micro (<50cm)
Fruit shape Pointy cherry
Kokku sobivad tooted

Grape tomato, yellow-black. Delicious, long keeper, medium height plant, high yield. 12l in 31cm TEKU container.

,   Height: Medium (150cm) ,   Ripening time: Mid Season, 75 days from transplanting ,   Look: Yellow ,   Fruit size: Small (50gr) ,   Asukoht : K1.2 A1; A2; A3; A4; K2 E1; F1 ,   Rating: 8 - Just great
26,40 €
Elho Gene Basics Terra base 100cm. Suitable for two 20l pots or for three 12l pots.
,   Height: ,   Ripening time: ,   Fruit size: ,   Asukoht : ,   Rating:
20,40 €

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