Artisan Blush Tiger PLANT

Brand: Artisan Seeds, USA
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Artisan Blush Tiger is a yellow-striped grape tomato from California. The Artisan Tiger series has several striped cherry tomatoes with an exciting shape, hardiness, and great taste. The 5 cm long fruits weigh about 18 - 20 grams. The Tiger series also includes green Green, pink Pink, and red-green Lucky, but Blush Tiger has the best taste.


Fred Hempel of California bred it. The parents of the variety were chosen by Fred's 8-year-old son Alex, and these varieties were his favorites, Maglia Rosa and Zucchero. Maglia Rosa is a relatively low pink variety with an excellent taste, often used in varietal breeding.


Blush Tiger grows a bit like a bush and is suitable for growing both tied up and hanging, with a height of approx—150 cm. In our experience, it develops and bears well in the greenhouse and open fields. It is mid-ripening and about 75 days after planting. The yield is not as good as the (super yielding) Date Fruit Yellow, but the taste is much better. When growing, rather one or two branches and still tied up. The taste of the fruits changes a lot depending on the degree of ripeness. At first, they are more sour and crunchy; they become sweeter and softer as they ripen a little further.


We bred Blush Tiger and offered it to customers for the first time in 2021. I was surprised by the delicious taste, and in the 2022 survey, Blush Tiger already reached second place in the customers' favorites - the first is still Atomic Sunset.




Our Rating: Artisan Blush Tiger is sweet and very tasty 10/7 (very tasty)


Asukoht K1.2 D1; D2 ; E1
Growth type Indeterminant, Bushy
Height Medium (150cm)
Rating 7 - Very tasty
Fruit size Small (50gr)
Look Pink, Striped
Ripening time Mid Season, 75 days from transplanting
Fruit shape Pointy grape
Sarnased tooted

Elongated green-striped tasty grape tomatoes.

,   Height: Medium (150cm) ,   Ripening time: Mid Season, 75 days from transplanting ,   Look: Green ,   Fruit size: Small (50gr) ,   Growth type: Indeterminant ,   Asukoht : K2.2 A2 ,   Rating: 6 - Tasty
4,80 €

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