Arctic Rose PLANT

4,80 €

Very early red low-medium (100cm) tomato. 45p from planting. Presumably, the very first red fruits in the greenhouse appear on this plant - 45-60 days after planting—tastefully balanced mild sour-sweet.

The variety has been made famous in Estonia by garden blogger Kaia-Leena Pino with beautiful photos on Aiahoolik's blog:

The variety comes from the breeder Patrina Nuske Small's family called Grumpy, obtained by crossing Budai Torpe (early and very productive) and Black from Tula (dark red and extremely tasty). Dwarf Tomato Project volunteers Susan Bailey and Sherry Shiesl made the final selection and named the variety.

Among the varieties of the Grumpy family, we have (and are all our favorites) Arctic Rose, Yukon Quest, Bundaberg Rumball, Sleeping Lady, and Iditarod Red.

We have grown Arctic roses for many years in a potted greenhouse and on the terrace both in summer and winter—Fruity and very early but relatively modest, sour-sweet taste. In 45 days, the plant cannot make enough sugar. We recommend one or two plants for the earliest harvest.

Dwarf Tomato Project.

The variety is being released under the OSS license -

Our Rating: Very early and rather sour 10/5 (more or less)

Asukoht K2.2 C5; C6
Rating 5 - So and so
Ripening time Very early, 45 days from transplanting
Growth type Determinant, Dwarf
Height Low ( <120cm)
Fruit size Medium-big (200gr)
Look Red
Fruit shape Flat round
Very early pink-red low-average tomato. Ca 100cm.
,   Height: Low ( <120cm) ,   Ripening time: Very early, 45 days from transplanting ,   Look: Pink ,   Fruit size: Medium-big (200gr) ,   Asukoht : K1 C3+B3 ,   Rating: 5 - So and so
4,80 €
Purpl-brown fruits, high yield, quite delicious, early.
,   Height: Medium (150cm) ,   Ripening time: Early season, 60 days from transplanting ,   Look: Purple ,   Fruit size: Medium (100gr) ,   Growth type: Indeterminant ,   Asukoht : K2 D3 ,   Rating:
4,80 €
Early very crop and delicious, height up to 100cm.
,   Height: Low ( <120cm) ,   Ripening time: Early season, 60 days from transplanting ,   Look: Red ,   Fruit size: Medium (100gr) ,   Asukoht : K2.2 D2; D3; D4 ,   Rating:
4,80 €

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