Please read before pre-ordering tomato plants:

  • You do not need to register an account to make a purchase if you make a selection and place an order immediately. However, if you want to use the wish basket before ordering, you can only do so with a registered account. The wish basket is like a draft basket - you select and add plants to the wish basket and the selection is saved.
  • NEW: Ordering home by courier costs 15 € in Estonia, 25 € in Finland, 18 € in Latvia and 20 € in Lithuania, regardless of the size of the order. If you pick it up yourself, a packing fee of 5 € will be added.
  • In case of an additional order, please select "Additional order" and write in the comments the main order with the transport fee or packing fee paid.
  • If you later want to change your mode of transportation, you can either pay extra or get a refund, and please send us an email.
  • All our tomato plants are organically grown unless it is written that they are not organic.

Customer support:, +3725094046 Ingmar Pappel

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Pineapple crossed with OSU Blue. Very rare. Yellow with black. Sweet and soft taste.
SKU: Ananas Noire ,   Height: High (>180cm) ,   Ripening time: Mid Season, 75 days from transplanting ,   Look: Yellow ,   Fruit size: Medium (100gr) ,   Valmis tarnimiseks: ,   Growth type: Indeterminant
4,80 €

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